Donor Insemination Guide

Welcome to! This donor insemination guide to teach you everything you need to know about trying to conceive through donor insemination.

How to Talk to Your Child

Perhaps you've just begun the process of exploring assisted reproduction or maybe you already have a child born through donor insemination, but wherever you are in the process at some point everyone must deal with the questions about how your family began from the most important person of all; your child.

What to Tell the World... and When

Deciding to have a child though donor insemination is a private journey made somewhat public by scientific necessity. Yet what you decide to share with friend, family, co-workers and the rest of the world remains in your hands.

Emotional Factors

Making the decision to proceed with donor insemination usually comes after some difficulty. Typically, couples or women who opt for donor insemination must undergo counseling prior to the procedure. Counseling can help with dealing with feelings of loss or grief as well as preparing for future emotional considerations in the DI process and in raising a child conceived through donor insemination.

DI Costs

Having a baby is always a costly affair, and donor insemination is certainly no exception. However, the variables involved in donor insemination can change the cost of the process from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A Legal Perspective on Donor Insemination

Donor insemination has been performed for decades so those choosing this method of family-building are not charting new territory. In all fifty states, if a woman or couple uses a sperm bank for donor insemination, the donor will not be able to assume any parental responsibility or rights.

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